Saturday 5/18

Saturday 5/18
Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CrossFit Workout of the Day

A. Every 2 min for 20 min
1 Power Clean
1 Power Clean & Jerk
1 Power Clean & Split Jerk
50m Sprint

*May increase weight as long as bar is not dropped and technique remains

B. “Grace” – For Time
30 Clean & Jerks

Beg – Choose own weight w/focus on technique
Int – 95/65lb
Adv – 135/95lb

*Cleans may be performed as power or full
*8 minute time cap

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – MetCon Workout of the Day

A. In Teams of 2
5 Minutes of Alternating Ball Slams
5 Minutes of Alternating WBS
5 Minutes of Alternating DB Step Ups
5 Minutes of Alternating Push-ups
5 Minutes of Alternating Ski Calories

*Alternate every 10 reps
*1 min rest between stations

B. 4 Minute AMRAP
– Pike Crunches
– Crossover Mtn. Climbers
– Reverse Crunches

*Perform as many reps as you can before moving on to the next exercise

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