Tuesday 7/9

Tuesday 7/9
Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CrossFit Workout of the Day

“Snatch n’ Clean” – For Time
800m Run
70 Power Snatches
800m Run
70 Power Cleans

*In Teams of 2
*Partners split reps and run together

Beg – Choose weight | 800m Run | HPS | HPC
Int – 75/55lb *Add 10-20lb to Power Cleans
Adv – 95/65lb *Add 20lb to Power Cleans

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – MetCon Workout of the Day

30 Minute Running Clock

Hanging Knee Raises / T2B
KB Goblet Squats

200m Run

Renegade Rows (ea.)
ABMAT Sit-ups

50 Curtsy Lunges

KB Swings

200m Run

*Once you finish the above, start back from the top

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