Friday 7/5

Friday 7/5
Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – CrossFit Workout of the Day

A. Tabata Thruster
On odd-numbered rest intervals, hold at the bottom of the squat. On even-numbered rest intervals, hold with the load overhead.

Then within 2 minutes:
Run 200m

*Complete the above x 3
*Use an empty barbell

B. Back Squat

*Superset with 10 Single-Arm KB Bottom’s Up Press
*15 minute clock

Frequency Fitness Mount Pleasant – MetCon Workout of the Day

A. “Hold Onto Your Balls” – Partner Wod
200 WBS
60 cal Bike/Ski/Row
100 WBS
60 cal Bike/Ski/Row
50 WBS
60 cal Bike/Ski/Row

*Any time the ball touches the floor (even during the cals) both have to do 10 burpees
*Score time of completion
*25 minute time cap

B. 5 Minute Max Effort

*Every time you break, perform 10 Surrender Squats

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